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Sheena Shahabadi Very Hot Photos

Birth Name: Sheena Shahabad
Location: Mumbai
Occupation: Actress
Ethnicity: Asian
Origin: India

Sheena Shahabad is a new face in the Bollywood industry.

The Life of Sheena
The Scorpio, born on 21 November is the daughter of actress Sadhana Singh, who is against Nadiya Ke Paar Sachin (1982) and his father played a producer.

The actress has fled from home, get married at a small TV actor Vaibhav Gore, but they separated a few months.

Director Satish Kaushik Sheena chose for his film Kidults TERE Blood (2009). It is a love story about teenage pregnancies, where she was spotted with actor Mumtaz Ruslaan based.

Her next release is Fast Forward (2009),her co-star in this film are Rehan Khan, Sabina Sheema and Siddhant Karnick.
She took acting classes with Shiamak Davar on three different gurus and dance and Ganesh Acharya. as newcomer Sheena Shahabad is ready and set to take Bollywood by storm when she made her debut in Satish Kaushik Tere Sang. Few are aware of the fact that the actress

Sadhna Singh's daughter Sheena past (who starred in the film Nadiya Ke Paar with Sachin superhit Rajshree). And on the recommendations of lyricist Sameer, who a family friend that Sheena bag the role. Her mother is an inspiration for her and Sheena always has to be a star, dreaming of it since childhood. I hope for their dreams.
Sheena Shahabad, which has made a significant impact on his debut in TERE Blood on teenage pregnancies admitted his mistake in size. The actress has eloped with a young TV actor Vaibhav Gore had during the filming and were married!

"I'm married to this man, and the decision is erroneous. I confess that I made a mistake, but now I have missed it," she said, "Everyone makes mistakes and I did, but now I'm free."
The young actress has been forced authorization if the wedding Vaibhav announced to the press - perhaps for reasons of their own advertising. Sheena Is that OK? "It is what it looks like," she admits, "Why did not he go out with her before today?" But I'm not afraid to tell the truth. My parents have taught me to speak the truth and avoid all the complications in life . I 've changed. I suggested him to do the same. It is time for my first trip and a very important day. I want to concentrate on my career. "


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